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Doran Michael Talt

Doran Michael Talt, long time native of New Rochelle NY passed away on October 9,2022. He was the loving husband of Rita Hoelter Talt, Father of Doran Duncan Talt Crosby, married to Emily, Grandfather of Dylan, Parker and Coco, Brother of Lawrence Talt, married to Peggy Lou Mulligan Talt, sister Julianna Talt Brito, married to Claudio Brito, Nephew Sean Brito, married to Adela, grandnieces Sonya, Nicole, and Henry and many cousins.
Doran was a water rat, he loved the sound, ocean and pools. He began his love of swimming and water as a young child when his father, Lawrence F. Talt II, taught him to swim at the Mt Vernon YMCA at the age of 6. Doran began his career of competitive swimming at the age of 7. He swam competitively from that age through high school, winning many awards through those years. Doran was the caption of the New Rochelle High School Swim Team in his senior year. Doran, his brother and two swim team members set the record for the 200-medley relay that lasted eight years at New Rochelle High School. Over the years Doran was a life guard at Hudson Park, Glen Island and various pools. Doran became a life guard not only to save lives but he loved the job of being at the beach. In 1966 at the age of 13 he won the Junior Olympics for breast stroke in the 13 and under category. Doran also won a swimming scholarship to Fulton Montgomery College.

Doran received the Carnegie Hero award for saving the life of Kenneth Martin from drowning at Glen Island April 19, 1976. While attempting to swim across a cove at Glen Island, Kenneth, 16, suffered cramps and called for help. Doran, 23, entered the cold water (approximately 38 degrees) and swam 150 feet to Kenneth, who was submerged at that time. Doran’s brother arrived and aided Doran in towing Kenneth to shore.
Doran loved his family and friends and will always be remember for Doran being Doran in everything he did. Always had a kind word for everyone and liked by all. He loved having his coffee at the water, no matter the weather. He will always be loved.

A letter from Larry:
It’s very hard writing this for me. I want to try and celebrate Doran’s life and the time we had together rather than dwell on his passing. I feel so sad and empty about losing my best friend through-out life. We were only 13 months apart in age, we did everything together and counted on watching out for each other, we laughed and cried together.
Doran and I although we had arguments at times we, never got physical. My Father taught us to swim at a young age at the Mt. Vernon YMCA. We became completive swimmers at the early age of around seven. Doran had some tremendous accomplishments which included:
Winning the Junior Olympics in the 13 and under breaststroke category. That recognized him as the fastest breaststroker in the world for that age group.
Receiving the American Red Certificate of Merit which is the highest award of the Red Cross for heroism, before its awarded it has to be approved by Congress and Signed by the President of the United States, it was President Ford at the time. Doran received this for making a water rescue in 1976 at Glen Island Park which was very dangerous being he had to swim about 50 yards to reach the victim which had already submerged. The water temperature was around 38 degrees at the time which is documented by the Red Cross.
Doran also received the Carnegie Hero Award for that rescue and the City of New Rochelle recognized his rescue with a Certificate of Merit.
I am so grateful for having the best Brother that I could have ever dreamed of and I want to thank Doran for having a great son Doran Jr, and allowing me to be his Godfather which I totally enjoy. Doran is a pleasure and so is his beautiful wife Emily along with your three children, Dylan, Parker and Coco.
Doran’s wife Rita is a treasure, they loved and took good care of each other.
I already miss you but you will always live in my memory and bring a smile to my face. I will always love you. Thank you for being such a great Brother.
Please take good care of my brother God.

Doran would like to say goodbye to everyone and thank you for your friendship, thoughts and prayers.

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