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Bert Martin

Bert Martin

Bert Martin born on September 13, 1957, a native New Rochellean, passed away on April 11, 2021 after succumbing to a tenacious battle against cancer.

Bert was born and raised in New Rochelle, having recently retired in Fort Lauderdale after 35 plus years of proud and successful work as a cable line man. Bert was widely known for his larger than life personality and fierce loyalty. Overcoming several trials and tribulations throughout his life, Bert proved to be the epitome of strength in the face of adversity. He found spirituality as a means to maintain strength not only for himself and his loved ones, but for the people he inspired throughout the community and across the country. Finding a healthy and spiritual life, he inspired many others to follow suit and find their own strength to be their best selves. Bert is easily defined by his courage and strength by every single person lucky enough to have known him.

A diehard Yankee fan, and avid cigar connoisseur, Bert found joy in the simple things in life. A humble and happy man, Bert was always the person the kids wanted to be around. He provided the loudest laughter coming from the kids in the neighborhood. He loved practical jokes, playing and watching baseball, vacations and being a part of his kids and their friends lives more than anything in the world. He genuinely found light in bringing laughter to all kids. He became known as the cool dad all the kids wanted around making even the simplest activity ten times more fun. Bert loved spending time on vacation with his daughter, wife and friends, his generosity unprecedented. He loved and cherished spending time with his many nieces and nephews as much as they loved being with him.

So many people sought Bert’s presence during dark times as he was a true beacon of strength to all. With a sometimes intimidating demeanor that came from a place of love, Bert really was just a big gentle teddy bear that wanted to be able to help in whatever way he could. And indeed he did. So many lives were reshaped or changed by Bert’s guidance to living your best life. He was the strong big brother to his brother and two sisters that knew Bert would always keep them safe. Not only for his family, Bert gave his strength to hundreds of others, sincerely caring about the well being of every single person in his life.

Bert Martin is survived by his truly loving and caring wife Madeline, brother Rodney Martin and sisters Kathy Vasquez and Kim Martin Ross. His children Paige, Kelly and Brian, son in law Alan; his granddaughter and several loving nieces and nephews. Bert will always be remembered for his incomparable strength and perseverance, his fun loving personality, and bringing joy to every single person he touched. To say Bert Martin left an impact on this world is an understatement. It was not just his personality that was larger than life, Bert, the legend himself was larger than life.

Visitation will be Friday April 16, 2021 from 4pm-8pm. Followed by a Mass on Saturday April 17, 2021 at 9:30am at Blessed Sacrament. Interment will follow at Gate of Heaven Cemetery.

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