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Jean Ferdinand Dorvilus

Jean Ferdinand Dorvilus passed away on Tuesday May 5, 2020 at the age of 71.
Jean was born on May 20, 1948 in La Plaine, Haiti to Esteyan Theogene and Augustin Dorvilus. He was the youngest brother to Montignace Dorvilus (predeceased), Barnave Develus (predeceased), Jean (Dor) Dorvilus, Simone Arnold Timocles, Innocent Dorvilus (predeceased), and Ebel Dorvilus.
In 1977 Jean married Yolaine Pierre and they had Mirna, their first daughter. A year later their second daughter, Mirlyne, was born. In 1981 he moved to the United States and settled in New Rochelle, NY. He was joined in New Rochelle by his wife and daughters in 1986. The following year their son Christopher was born.
Jean was employed at Mount Vernon Hospital for over 20 years until his retirement in 2014. He worked in the housekeeping department and later worked as a transporter in the surgical department. He also worked for North Star Contracting Corp. and United Taxi.
Jean was an active member of the Westchester Haitian American Church of God where he served in many roles. He was known as Fr. Ferdinand or Fr. Fred. He was a long-time deacon, usher and the assistant secretary. He made sure that the trash was taken out and recycled the bottles in order to buy more drinks for the church. He also previously served on the Men’s Ministry Committee. He was also a driver; driving members to and from church on Sundays and driving the church van to special events and church functions. He was always ready to help any and everyone in need. Jean was an honest and trust-worthy man of God.
He is survived by his wife Yolaine Dorvilus, his children Mirna Dorvilus-Elysse, Mirlyne Dorvilus, and Christopher Dorvilus; His Son-In-Law Ricardo Elysse; His grandchildren Ahvianna Elysse, Kamahri Valcourt, Riley Elysse, and Kayla Elysse; his brothers Dor Dorvilus and his wife Mimose; Ebel Dorvilus. His sister Simone Timoclese. Sister in-law Marie Carmel Dorvilus. His nieces and nephews Marie Yolene Dorvilus, Guerlande Andre, Guirlene Dorvilus, Erlande Charles, Wisner Charles, Carline Timocles, Wadson Timocles, Sheila Timocles, Will Guerby Timocles, Betty Develus, Francois Elvis Anglade, Gerson Dorvilus, Myriam Dorvilus, Yasmine Dorvilus, Muriele Dorvilus, Ricardo Dorvilus, Winzer Dorvilus, Wesner Dorvilus, Claudel Dorvilus, Patricia Dorvilus, Claudine Dorvilus, Claudy Dorvilus, Kattiana Dorvilus; and many cousins, family and friends.

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