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Jorge Luis Torres

My Dad was a very interesting, humorous, charming person, a very good friend, a very good husband, and of course the best dad ever. My Dad prepared us for moments like this but never showed his internal pain for the sake of his friends and family to be at comfort. My dad loved to write about his feelings or what’s going on with him and his life, to express his passion for writing. If i ever needed advice my dad would be my first person to go to. My dad was very educated, though he may not of finished school, he was a very knowledgeable person, learning things by himself by reading books and research online. He was the best at entertaining everyone around him, being one of the most loving and kind people. We also thank him for the many times he rode across cross country for the sake of us being happy and enjoying our time together as a family.. Though we werent the most perfect family in the world and we had our rough times, we all stayed strong and loyal to each other and moving on to greater moments. Thank you so much for everything, you will always be in a special part of our hearts, and we will always miss and remember you.

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our friend Jorge Torres. He passed away in the twilight of Mon and Tuesday morning the 26th. Never a normal one was he.
He is survived by his wife Maria and his two kids Jorge Jr and Daniela. He was loved and treasured by many for his joyous spirit and generous soul. He always had such an aura to him, always ready to receive you with a hearty laugh and embrace. You didn’t even know when you were receiving advice because everything with him was whimsical even when it shouldn’t have been. This was his way.
As Daniela and Jorge Jr. say their dad taught them to be their strongest self, never worry about other people’s versions of you “because no one really knows who we are, sometimes not even us”. “Embrace yourself and be the best version of yourself today”. Whatever difficulties that lie ahead his example and their mom’s strength will guide them through.
Jorge finds himself at peace knowing his love and original valentine Maria (for they met on a Feb 13th and fell in love the next day) will find him on the dance floor again one day.
We love and will miss you dearly but know that you have found peace and this brings us peace…
For those we come to love never truly leave us.

Daniela Torres & Jorge Torres Jr, daughter and son of Jorge

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