Spanning Three Centuries of Service

16 Shea Place ~ New Rochelle, NY 10805

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Cecilia A. Palomino

Cecilia Palomino was born in 1933, in Colombia, S.A.. She immigrated to the United States with four young children, ages 3, 6, 9 and 11 in 1965.
Her Roman Catholic beliefs were so strong that on Good Fridays, she would tell us that we were supposed to be in mourning because of the death of Christ, so, we should not be playing, not listening to music, nor laughing or saying jokes.
Along with my father, she opened up their apartment offering shelter to recently immigrated friends from South America (with their families) until their friends found an apartment of their own. It was somewhat crowded but they taught us that we were fortunate to have a roof over our heads and should help others in time of need.
She was very independent, resourceful, caring, and loving. Enjoyed and was passionate watching soccer (my father having been a professional soccer player for many years in S.A.).
She liked to dance and was very talented in decorating and as a seamstress.
She lived a good life though she had many years of suffering from several illnesses.—Pancreatic Cancer the past 7 months….
She will be sorely missed by everyone whose lives she touched and paths she crossed with.

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